Search Ads

We will make your business visible with relevant keywords in different search engines around the world. Advertising in search engines, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most important fields for MBD. We create search ads in different languages for Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.

We have been working with search engine ads for over seven years. In addition to the Baltic states, we have experience in Scandinavia, various European countries, the United Kingdom, Russia and even USA and Australia.

There are 13 certified Google Ads specialist in our team and we are also an official Google Premier Partner.

You only pay for visits to the website

Text ads in search engines are displayed for free. You only pay for clicks to the website and the price (CPC) is set and controlled by you. CPC is dependent on the market and is defined by the competition in a particular business category.

Search engine advertising is the highest converting branch of digital media. In other words, the user is already convinced of the necessity of the product or service when they are looking for it on a search engine.

MBD works with major international customers as well as local start-ups. We help your company save time and quickly reach your business goals.


Our work is divided into three working phases


Primary account setup

We create a comprehensive keyword analysis and build a campaign structure based on topics and website structure. We find and add relevant keywords, create appropriate ad copy and ad extensions. We exclude irrelevant traffic to reach the right audience. All this is done within the agreed budget.


Daily account management

Account management, or in other words optimization, is intended to get the best coverage within the given budget. Campaign optimization is crucial in fields with high competition. During the optimization process we test different ad copies, bidding strategies, keywords and phrases – we find the things that deliver the results.


Analysis, reporting and audit

We find that reporting is as important as optimization, so we create a versatile but easy-to-read campaign report at least once a month, describing the work done and the resulting changes. Our expertise in search engine marketing and your feedback will quickly lead towards the desired results.


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Digital Strategy and Audit

Full funnel approach in terms of strategy.

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Anaytics and Tag Management

Our Analytics services include implementation, consultation and training.

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Programmatic RTB

We have our own programmatic solution to increase the relevance and effectiveness of campaigns.

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Facebook Technical Support

Our Facebook certified specialists can help you with different setups.

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Search Ads

We work with major international customers as well as local start-ups. We help your company save time and quickly reach your business goals.

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Digital Campaign Management

We offer full digital campaign management service.

If you are not sure where to start and how we can help - contact us.

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