Programmatic RTB

When it comes to successful online campaigns, the data that is being used when targeting ads has become crucial. There are less and less campaigns that are shown to everyone. It is also logical – not everyone has to see the same ads, it is a waste of money and people’s attention.

Thus, RTB and programmatic buying helps us plan and run campaigns more effectively. RTB (real-time bidding) means a purchase model, where the price depends on demand and supply – the more people there are bidding for a particular audience, the more expensive it will be and vice versa. Based on this purchase model, ads are purchased on, for example, Facebook and Google.

Programmatic buying means that in addition to the RTB purchase model, different information about the target audience is also used for advertising. For example, if we monitor the Internet usage habits and interests of different contacts, it will allow ads to be targeted more accurately and price them more fairly.

We use the Adform advertising platform for the implementation of programmatic campaigns. It is a multifunctional tool, the true value of which becomes clear with the combination of skillful handling and technological capability. As the only Premium Partner of Adform in Estonia, we have in-depth knowledge to provide your company with effective campaigns and measured marketing.


Why is programmatic buying beneficial?


Precise targeting options

We are not limited to contextual nor interest-based targeting. We can combine targeting with user's web history - what kind of products has the user wanted to buy or has bought, etc. On average, this makes advertising 2-3 times more efficient based on our experience.


Campaigns optimized real-time

The times when online media plan remained exactly the same until the end of the campaign have passed. It is difficult to predict how different messages influence people in different channels. This needs to be tested and measured, so to optimize the choice of channels, formats and targeting methods.


Global advertising

We can advertise in whatever country to target groups of all sizes. We have run global campaigns as well as campaigns to our colleagues upstairs, inviting them to get ready for the weekend. Everything is possible and much more efficient.


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Digital Strategy and Audit

Full funnel approach in terms of strategy.

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Anaytics and Tag Management

Our Analytics services include implementation, consultation and training.

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Programmatic RTB

We have our own programmatic solution to increase the relevance and effectiveness of campaigns.

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Facebook Technical Support

Our Facebook certified specialists can help you with different setups.

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Search Ads

We work with major international customers as well as local start-ups. We help your company save time and quickly reach your business goals.

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Digital Campaign Management

We offer full digital campaign management service.

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