Facebook Technical Support

We are Facebook Partner agency and offer both strategical guidance as well as help with technical implementations.

Our Facebook certified specialists can help you with different setups:

  • Facebook technical setup
  • Facebook pixel implementation
  • Facebook pixel with standard events along with page interactions
  • Facebook pixel with custom events/attributes together with data layer
  • Facebook catalog and retargeting
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Facebook campaign optimization across Europe

These services are charged on an hourly basis.

Read more about the first Baltic’s Facebook success story in our blog.



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Digital Strategy and Audit

Full funnel approach in terms of strategy.

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Anaytics and Tag Management

Our Analytics services include implementation, consultation and training.

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Programmatic RTB

We have our own programmatic solution to increase the relevance and effectiveness of campaigns.

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Facebook Technical Support

Our Facebook certified specialists can help you with different setups.

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Search Ads

We work with major international customers as well as local start-ups. We help your company save time and quickly reach your business goals.

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Digital Campaign Management

We offer full digital campaign management service.

If you are not sure where to start and how we can help - contact us.

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